A Grant Beacon Middle School experience

Grant Beacon Middle School is a great middle school, we had the circus come to our school they gave us all 2 tickets to go and see the circus.

Since my sister also comes to the school we made 4 tickets total but one of my friends didn’t want them so he gave me 1 and another to my friend Evelyn.

Also Chick-fil-A  supported us with boxes with a hamburger, waffle fries chips, and a cookie. On Friday the 10th if our advisory reaches $75 for the ALS  you get to pour a ice bucket over you advisory teacher.

We are gonna have a fall social on October 31.Well that has been everything that we have been doing in GBMS that is fun.


About me

I”m 11 years about to turn 12 in October 11. I have 1 brother named Alex, 1 sister named Mariana, mom, dad, and 1 dog named Morena, ya I know it’s a weird name but we didn’t choose it, we bought it from some friends that already named our dog. I like to watch Doctor Who, like who doesn’t! My family and I go to to the motorcycles with some friends we usually go on Saturdays or Sundays. I am the middle child. Well that’s enough about me.

Who I’m I am I here

Hello my name is Daniela and i’m in 6th grade, I pick make your own blog because I love to write and blogging reminds me of facebook it’s like i’m posting my status right now. I have 1 sister named mariana, 1 brother named Alex (Alejandro), a mom, dad, and a dog named Morena. I like to watch Doctor Who with my sister but my mom doesn’t let us watch it everyday(sadface). Every Sunday my family,our friends and I go to the motercycles. Well that a little something about me